Erkel Short

Half-orc Rogue (Scoundrel)

Erkel Short, a 52 year old Half-Orc, grew up in small farmhouse on the South side of Elidir with his human mother, and transient adventuring Half-Orc father. Erkel spent most of his youth enjoying reading and playing rather than showing any interest in adventuring like his father had hoped. 


At early adulthood, Erkel began working for the Elidir National Bank as a mail boy. His mother, who taught him arithmetic and additional schooling, gave Erkel the ability to eventually work as a bookkeeper for the board of the bank, and finally, Chair of Finance for the board. 


As the Goblinblood Wars arose, Erkel took leave from his banking job, to serve his province. He fought bravely and received many honors during the war, eventually to return home and continue his work at the bank.


Erkel desired to do more with his life other than work at the bank. One stormy night, Erkel penned a resignation letter, pressed seal to the paper and walked away to the town of Breachill, where he had heard about the famous "Call of Heroes" would be taking place. He packed his things, and headed out the door, with no intention of ever returning.


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