Aryn Orandil

Ancient Elf Wizard (Universalist)

Arynthriandel Eragaladrial Orandil, commonly called Aryn, hails from The Mierani Forest, where he spent his adolescence. In his 130th year, Aryn traveled to Korvosa as both a pilgrimage to the temple of Shelyn and to seek out arcane knowledge at The Acadamae. Most of his time spent in Korvosa was spent consuming the arcane secrets found in the Acadamaes many tomes, while not forgetting to worship his deity through shoddy yet sincere works of art.


Turmoil fell upon Korvosa with the rise of Queen Illiosa’s reign. A disease called Blood Veil plagued Korvosian citizens. The Hellknights aided the corrupt queen in putting the poorer district of Old Korvosa under quarantine. After a series of unfortunate events, Ayrn found himself beaten and looted by Hellknights. They Hellknights soon evacuated taking with them the thing that was most precious to Aryn.


Determined to get back what was taken from him, Aryn hunts down the Hellknights, tracing the footprints they’ve left behind.


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